Swastika Syndrome

There’s no better example of brainwashing—pressuring someone into adopting radically different beliefs through systematic and often forcible means—than what I call Swastika Syndrome: the irrational fear, hatred and misunderstanding of a symbol. It’s also a blazing example of the power of symbols.


If you shuddered and your pulse quickened when you saw that picture at the bottom of the introduction, you’re very likely suffering from Swastika Syndrome (SS). If you think the swastika is the most evil symbol ever created, you’re suffering from SS. If you’re afraid to even mention the swastika around your friends or relatives, then you’re essentially admitting that they’re brainwashed zombies.

Fruit cake

You’re also suffering from SS if you think I’m a NeoNazi or if you believe it should be illegal to display a swastika. If you thank God that the U.S. got the atomic bomb before Germany did, then thank God again that we dropped two atomic bombs on civilian targets in a country that was already defeated, you need to get your head examined. You are a classic example of a fucktard, though more civil people might simply label you a fruit cake (or a hypocrite).


What we’re talking about is something eerily similar to the medieval witch-hunts that lingered into colonial New England.

The Hitler Connection ˆ

The swastika is hated because of its association with Adolf Hitler, who is commonly regarded as the most evil man who ever lived. That is a preposterous belief, because, after defining “evil,” you would have to examine each of the billions of people who have lived and died since before recorded history to determine who really was the most evil. Assuming there is such a thing as “most evil.”

Adolf Hitler

It’s also worth noting that not everyone hates Hitler. Most people in Asia probably don’t have strong feelings about him one way or the other. Why should they hate him when there are plenty of more relevant monsters to obsess with—like Asian tyrants and despots? Moreover, Hitler’s book, Mein Kampf, enjoys brisk sales in India.

In fact, Mein Kampf has sold more copies worldwide than any book written by a U.S. pResident.

Hitler is actually regarded as a hero in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. And before you proclaim Eastern Europeans and Muslims stupid, you might want to take a look in the mirror. They aren’t the ones who (s)elected Donald Trump as pResident. As they say, there’s two sides to every story.

Different Perspectives ˆ

Just for argument’s sake, let’s suppose Hitler really was as evil as he is portrayed in the West. The extraordinary wall of irrational hatred surrounding the swastika would still be irrational.


I think Vlad the Impaler was a far more frightening figure than Hitler. He was a Christian, yet no one talks about outlawing the Christian cross.

In fact, Christianity has given us countless monsters. Even today, the Catholic church rivals the Boy Scouts as the most famous breeding ground for pedophiles.


The United States has an extraordinary record of human rights abuses, from its genocidal wars against Native Americans to Libya. If I was a Native American, I would prefer to fly the Nazi flag on my reservation rather than the U.S. flag.

The U.S. and Israel may be history’s biggest terrorist states. In fact, the U.S. government and military are largely controlled by Jews, who are also the most accomplished international gangsters and propagandists. So why hasn’t the Star of David been outlawed?

Racist Jews ˆ


Besides, Hitler didn’t create the swastika. It has much deeper roots in Asia, where it is a sacred icon in Buddhism and Hinduism.

Every now and then, some Asian entertainer makes headlines when they wear a costume featuring a swastika. Jewish media whores variously condemn them for their racism or ignorance. “How could anyone living in Asia not know what the evil Nazis did to the poor, innocent Jews on the other side of the world, more than half a century ago?”

So when’s the last time you heard a Jew moaning about the millions of people who were killed in Southeast Asia by pResident Richard Nixon and his Jewish sidekick, Henry “Doctor Death” Kissinger?

The Jews’ attitude is preposterously arrogant, racist and unbalanced.

In fact, Asians should cry foul whenever Americans wear the Jewish Swastika—the Star of David. More people around the world should burn the American flag, torching the Israeli flag for dessert.

Got Free Speech? ˆ

In the meantime, displaying a swastika can land you in prison in some European countries. In the U.S., it’s technically legal. Yet almost no one dares wear clothing bearing a swastika, because it’s dangerous. You can be physically assaulted. Your career and reputation can be instantly ruined. Whatever happened to free speech?

Free speech?

In summary, it’s OK to hate Adolf Hitler—if you’ve actually done your homework and fairly compared him to other monsters, from Alexander the Great to Joseph Stalin and just about anyone who ever served as U.S. pResident. But flushing the swastika down the toilet just because it was adopted as a symbol by someone you hate is petulant. It can also be very racist.

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if you want to know the truth about Adolf Hitler and World War II, you have to do your homework and look at the issues from different perspectives. I’ve been doing my homework, and you can learn about my opinions at World War True and Viva Hitler!. And if the last website gets hacked again, try one of its clones—VivaHitler.us or Hitler.pro.