Are you insane, or are you just mentally impaired,? What’s the difference? And why would I assume you’re one or the other?

Let’s start with sanity, which has two broad definitions. There’s a legal definition, and there’s a more popular definition: a person who might be termed batshit crazy.

However, sanity is not a psychological term.

The term mentally impaired similarly has various connotations, none of them flattering. A person who’s dubbed mentally impaired might commonly be regarded as “slow” or stupid.

However, the words “mentally impaired” literally describe a person who isn’t functioning at 100% of their mental capacity or whose mental state is somehow flawed. It could describe a person who received a poor education or someone who suffers from claustrophobia. A person who’s drunk or hypothermic could be deemed mentally impaired in the same way that a person with a broken leg is physically impaired.

Computer Bug

If you thought I was mentally impaired, you probably wouldn’t have bought this book. Well, brace yourself: I am mentally impaired. And so are you.

Just as no one can enjoy perfect physical health, so can no one be 100% mentally fit. We all have bugs in our bodies and minds (and even our computers).


Of course, there is a matter of degree. We wouldn’t describe an Olympic athlete as physically impaired just because he has a wart or—God forbid—he was circumcised at birth. Nor would the late astrophysicist Stephen Hawking be considered less than a genius if it was discovered that he suffered from claustrophobia.

Note: There may be various official medical or legal definitions of mentally impaired. If my definition doesn’t complement them, that doesn’t make it incorrect. It’s simply my definition. It’s the definition I use not just in this book but in my other political works as well.

So we might coin a second definition for mentally impaired:

a state of mental well being or performance that is perceived as significantly less than optimum

Fortunately, the number of people who are noticeably mentally impaired is very small. Or is it?

Physically Fit—Not ˆ

To put it in perspective, let’s take another look at physical health.


Millions of people around the world suffer from malnutrition, including a growing number of U.S. citizens. But if we focus on the U.S., then we’re also faced with the opposite problem: obesity. In fact, eating disorders, heart disease and diabetes combined afflict the majority of Americans.


If you don’t suffer from any of the above, you’ve still probably visited a dentist at least once in your life.

And if you’re one of the lucky few who have perfect teeth and no eating disorders, then you may still suffer from cancer, a genetic disorder or alcoholism. In fact, there are thousands of maladies that afflict people, including many that haven’t even been named.

U.S. citizens are said to enjoy a high average life expectancy. But that might be due to modern medical science as much as health. If every doctor, hospital and pharmacy in the nation suddenly disappeared, thousands of people would probably die within 24 hours, with millions more dying within a year.

That’s what I call physically impaired. And if you don’t believe me, see if you can remember the number of times you’ve seen a doctor or dentist. Surely you went for a reason.

One might argue that the human species has largely divorced itself from Nature’s laws, in the process becoming so physically unfit or impaired that most of us couldn’t even survive without technology that didn’t even exist until one or two hundred years ago.

Mental Fitness ˆ

Mental health

Fortunately, our brains are immune from disease. Nor is the brain affected by alcohol, drugs or chemicals in the environment.

Who am I kidding?


People are commonly killed by brain cancer and brain tumors, and the brain is indeed affected by alcohol, drugs and chemicals manufactured by our corporate masters.

Of course, unlike the mind, the brain is a physical organ. That’s precisely why the same diseases, genetic disorders and chemicals that impair our physical health can also impair our mental health.

But Psychix doesn’t focus on disease or drugs; it focuses on the seedy world of deception. And, yes, something as simple as propaganda can lead to mental impairment. Let me give you an example.

Imagine visiting Australia and preparing for a trip to the beach. A native tells you to keep your eyes open for tiny octopuses marked with blue rings. “If you catch one and hold it in your hand, it will bring you good luck!”

So you’re ecstatic when you spot one of the mythical creatures. You catch it and clutch it in your hand.

A few minutes later, you’re dead. You see, the blue-ringed octopus is one of the most venomous marine creatures, even though you may not even feel its bite.

I would argue that the victim was mentally impaired, because he or she was fed false information about their environment.* When they visited the beach, they were effectively living in a bubble when they should have been alert for dangerous animals.

But that’s hardly a realistic example. Let’s try something a little closer to home.

The media tell you that Donald Trump is the worst pResident in U.S. history—and they’re probably right. They tell you that the only person to vote for is whichever candidate the Democratic Party chooses to run against Trump. When the Democrats choose Joe Biden, all your liberal friends and peers begin praising him.

So you vote for Biden. After his election, you join all the anti-fascist activists in going back to sleep.

What you don’t realize is that Biden is an aging political whore—the oldest pResident in U.S. history, in fact. He’s also a self-declared Zionist, and to prove it, he stacked his administration with Jews. Vice pResident Kamala Harris, by the way, is married to a Jew.

Biden’s election was indeed a fortuitous event—for Israel. Americans, on the other hand, are going to get screwed just as hard as they were screwed by George W. Bush, Obama and Trump.

But what other options were there? If you’re among the millions of Americans who simply view Biden as the lesser of evils, then you might not be completely brain-dead.

But are you absolutely certain Biden isn’t as bad as Trump? And which is the bigger problem, the pResident or his Jew-studded administration?


Equally important, are you speaking and fighting for reform as vigorously as you were when Trump was pResident, or are content to simply passively survive in a country ruled by another corrupt Democrat?

A Galaxy of Problems ˆ

But mental fitness isn’t just about our knowledge and opinions of blue-ringed octopuses and corrupt pResidents.

Are you one of the millions of Americans who claim to be anti-war, though you’re quick to add that you support the troops? What the Hell does that even mean? Would you like to visit Iraq, Afghanistan or Libya and tell them that you supported the trailer park trash that murdered their children?

George Washington - slave owner

Do you know that George Washington was a slave owner? If so, do you defend him from the volleys of criticism hurled at leaders of the Confederacy? Did you hate Mississippi’s state flag while ignoring Washington State’s flag, which actually depicts a genuine slave owner?

How would you feel if someone told you Abraham was a racist, homosexual Jew?

In fact, Lincoln was a racist, and there’s also evidence that he was both homosexual and a Jew. Although racism is obviously a bad thing, most rational people would not describe homosexuality or Jewish genes as bad things. So why would people get upset when others suggest Lincoln may have been a gay Jew?

Do you believe the stories we’ve all been told about Adolf Hitler, Che Guevara and Muammar Gaddafi?

Do you think Hitler really had just one testicle, or maybe three, and Gaddafi was a bisexual pedophile who kept children locked in cages in his basement? How would it even be possible for Hitler—or anyone else—to be the most evil person who ever lived? And how can media whores characterize Che Guevara as a vicious killer when he fought against the very people who exploited and tyrannized the masses?

Are you aware of Jewarchy—the extraordinary corruption in the Jewish community? Do you see nothing odd about the fact that Jews control the economy and media and are also over-represented in government?


And what about conspiracy? Are you among the muddled masses who have been brainwashed into believing that conspiracy is almost as rare as unicorns? Are you among the millions who believe the U.S. government’s explanation of the 9/11 terrorist attacks? And do you believe that Jews are somehow divorced from conspiracy?

In fact, I once believed many of the myths related above. It took a lot of observation, study and self-examination to free myself from the “belief systems” propagandists had ensnared me with.

Cognitive Biases ˆ


Many different kinds of microorganisms live on and in the human body. Some are considered harmful, while others are vital for our well being.

Some can go either way. For example, “jock itch” is caused by a fungus we don’t even notice unless we perspire heavily, giving it the warm, moist environment it thrives in.

Cognitive biases might be thought of as a type of mental jock itch, with warm and moist environments replaced by technology or social structure.

A cognitive bias is a systematic error in thinking. Unlike diseases or mental disorders that only afflict a portion of the population, we are all born with cognitive biases.

Peer Pressure

One of the most familiar cognitive biases is conformity bias, commonly known as peer pressure or the bandwagon effect. It simply refers to people’s tendency to mimic group behavior. For example, if all your friends are drinking Brand X, you’ll likely be motivated to drink it yourself, or at least try it.

Thousands of years ago, when people lived in small family groups and villages, conformity bias was probably a useful heuristic, or mental shortcut. If you noticed a group of people eating a certain plant, you might rush in to get your fair share of an apparently edible plant. Similarly, not eating a plant that others avoided might have saved you from being poisoned.

But things are very different today. A growing global population combined with mass media makes imitation a different beast.


In addition, propagandists have turned their hobby into a science. (Edward Louis Bernays is known as the Father of Propaganda. He was a Jew; his nephew was Sigmund Freud.) Corrupt politicians and media whores know how to craft fallacies and other forms of deception that exploit cognitive biases.


For example, if the media claim that nearly all Americans support the troops, then an individual reading the headlines will likely support the troops as well. Even if they don’t really support the troops, they may think twice before saying so publicly. After all, no one wants to be criticized, ridiculed or even assaulted by fellow citizens who are drunk on phony patriotism, fueled in part by a fallacy known as appeal to authority.

This is precisely the type of groupthink that has caused some students of politix to describe Americans as “sheeple.”

Morals ˆ


What about morals or ethical standards? Can they be viewed as a component of one’s mental state?

The United States is known far and wide for its moral depravity. But is this a bad thing, or should we rejoice in our freedom to be assholes?

Another intriguing question: How did we become a nation of trailer park trash?

Does immorality just naturally arise in nations that are very powerful and wealthy? Or is it possible that the same propagandists that have filled out heads with nonsense have also perverted our morals? If so, why?

I’ll explore this topic another day. Until then, it’s something to think about.

Summary ˆ

The mind is a very powerful but imperfect thing that is dependent on the brain, a physical organ subject to disease, genetic disorders, and drugs and alcohol. In addition, everyone is born with cognitive biases, which may be useful in some circumstances but which can also be exploited by an army of ever more sophisticated propagandists.

We can thus think of the mind as a powerful tool that nevertheless contains a few bugs. The mental machinery that evolved along with our bodies if further out of whack with our complex and ever changing global culture.

On top of everything else, our minds are actively assaulted by an army of propagandists, many of whom are associated with the media, including the so-called social media, such as Facebook and Twitter.

In this spirit, we can all be described as mentally impaired. And just as you can’t help an alcoholic until he admits he has a drinking problem, so must we all look in a mirror, admit we’re human and make an effort to clean up our minds.

But would it be fair to go one step further and characterize most people as insane?

In fact, the human race does seem determined to destroy the very planet we live on, though we could exterminate ourselves with nuclear or biochemical weapons first. But that sad state of affairs can probably be blamed on a minority of global sociopaths.

To get a clue about your sanity, take a deep breath before you click on the X below to view the hidden image.


Question time…

What are you thinking? Is your heart beating a little faster?

Let’s continue the conversation here. And if you’ve already read that article, check out my guide to Beating a Dead Media Whore.

* Is it really fair to characterize a person who was fed bogus information as mentally impaired? It might be more accurate to describe such a person as ignorant, uninformed, misinformed or brainwashed.

However, in the broadest sense of the term, such a person could indeed be deemed mentally impaired, just as a person with a rope tied round his leg could be called physically impaired. Moreover, propaganda can indeed impair our ability to think rationally. More about that some other day.