Conspiracy IconIf you’ve just discovered my websites, let me warn you: I have a reputation for biting off more than I can chew and missing my deadlines by a mile.

Am I actually capable of putting a respectable website together or publishing a book?

In fact, I published my first book, Jew Flu, last summer (2020) while I was running for the office of Washington State Governor in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. I have several other books near completion, and I now have over fifty websites.

Mind Games

But the book I want to focus on here is Conspiracy Science. Delayed by my gubernatorial campaign and the pandemic, I failed to finish it last year, and after missing my January deadline, it looks like I won’t get it published in February, either. So I’ll shoot for March.

But the wait will be worth it, because this will be by far the best book about conspiracy science, conspiratology or whatever you want to call it ever written. Unless, of course, there’s another wonderful book out there that I don’t know about because Google is suppressing news about it, and it’s been banned from bookstores. Such conspiracies are not just possible; they’re actually very common right here in the Land of Free Speech.

I dedicated a whopping five chapters to defining the terms conspire, conspiracy and conspiracy theory. Thus, my books rests on a solid foundation, while many competitors are based on bullshit definitions concocted by Jews.

Conspiracy Science is also well organized and lavishly illustrated. I’ll probably post the Table of Contents and Introduction online in the next few weeks.

Tentatively priced at $25, Conspiracy Science will be a bargain. It would be instantly banned by virtually every bookstore and library in the U.S., so you can only get it from me.

I’ve already begun working on a sequel of sorts. But conspiracy plays a major role in all of my political works. If you’re new to political science and philosophy, begin your journey at Politix Pro. But this is website is home base for conspiratology.

Conspiracy Science
Is the world ready for the first truthful conspiracy mini-encyclopedia?

Stay tuned, and remember – never let anyone lecture you about conspiracy if they can’t even correctly define the term.